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€ 0 free forever


€ 9 per month

Our Refund Policy

We guarantee entire satisfaction with our platform : If our services or tools don’t meet your needs, we’ll happily refund your money within 14 days of your purchase.

The faster way to promote and sell 🚀

Never face digital blocking again. From products to services to digital files, boost your SEO in popular search engines and in just a few weeks. Just pick a picture, enter some description, and boom…your product is online!

🦄 Pro Features

Customizable Shop

Create your shop URL, add a logo, banner, pictures and all informations. Grow your online and local visibility.

Geolocated Shop & Products

Customers know where your shop and products are on Milbyz Map.

Shop Followers

Customers can follow your shop to get notified when when you add, updates products or discounts.

Live Chat Widget

Make it easier and faster to chat with your shop visitors through their favorite channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, TikTok, and many other chat channels.

Sell Products

Sell your physical products, add description, pictures, category, location, manage inventory, propose discounts.

Sell Services

Services your way : Define requirements, steps and exchange with customers in a simple and managed process.

Sell Downloadable Products

Sell a downloadable product as a file, eBook, music, video, tutorial, software and application.

Sell Subscriptions

Set recurring subscriptions and payments on products, services, digital and more.

Sell Auctions

Create auctions to promote the sell of your goods, services or make special offers.

Sell Lotteries

Organize lotteries to boost your visibility. Fidelize your customers with advantages and games.

Sell Group Buy Deals

Offers products and services at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase.

Sell NFTs

Your customers know on which blockchain the nft is minted and knows your wallet to prove your legitimacy.

Shipping Management

Manage your shipping rates and track live delivery with 10+ shipping providers.

Click & Collect

Customers can set a time and date to picking up the order in your physical store.

Food & Drinks

Sell your menus, dishes and drinks via pre-order, Click & Collect or let your customers order directly from their table with a QR code.


Highlight your hotel and propose additional services such as breakfast, meals and room service.

Product EAN

Add products barcode in format EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, CODE 128.

Product Tags

Tag your products to relate them to each other and make them more visible.

QR Code

We generate unique QR codes on each product allowing your customers to identify, access and share them easily.

Product Brands

Show brands of products you're selling to guarantee their quality and attract customers.

Display Pro

Easily insert images, media links, .mp3 .mp4, YouTube videos, animated gifs and set font sizes and text positions.

Social Sharing

Share in 1 click any products to your customers and friends on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Pinterest or by mail.

Product Inquiries

Visitors can contact you about products, services or make special requests.

Products Reviews

Your e-reputation and service quality depends on customers’ reviews on your products.

Shop Reviews

Customer reviews are playing vital role in increasing sales on your shop.

Pictures & Infos Page

Create your own showcase web page, add photos, info and anything you want.

Opening Time Store

All customers see in real-time if your physical shop is open or close.

Socials Medias

Display links of your social medias on your shop to grow your community.

Optimized Search & SEO

The search engine is fair and optimized to satisfy both buyers and sellers. Both your shop and items have their own SEO.

Shop & Products Analytics

Display charts to easily track and analyse your online shop trafic and products performances.

Support Ticket System

Improve your customer service with ticket support system and conversational solution to make your customers happy.

Unlimited Staff Accounts

Delegate the shop management to your employees with specific permissions.

RMA Terms & Conditions

Build your own return merchandise authorization for your products.

Playlists Audio & Video

Adding an audio or video playlist is super easy in your account media library.

Insert Medias & Block Templates

Use URLs and Embed feature to display Youtube, Spotify or SoundCloud playlists to any shop page.


Everybody needs hollidays : let your customers know when you will be back to the business.

Table and Distance Rate Shipping

Configure different rates based on distance, weight, price, shipping class, or number of items in the shipment.

Wholesale Prices

Propose wholesale prices and quantity required for all wholesale customers.

Return and Warranty Request

Define customized returns and warranty facilities by products to facilitate returns of your customers.

Easy Tax Managment

Once your tax settings are updated, your shop will collect sales tax at checkout based on the company address in your settings.

Sales & Products Analytics

Easily analyses your product sales and analytics performances into your dashboard.

Discount Coupons

Create coupons with discounts prices or percentages for your customers.​

Automatic Cart Recovery

We automatically follow up on unclosed buyers, recovering around +30% in sales.

Back in Stock

Display a form to let your customers get notify when a Product becomes back available.

Cross-Sell & Upsell

Promote dynamically other products in product descriptions or in customer's cart.

Orders QR Scan

Use your smartphone or tablet to find and manage orders with click & collect.

Events Tickets

Simplify the creation, management and sale of events. Grow your event business with Milbyz.

POS System
(Coming Soon)

A faster and easier POS system for your physical store, accept cash payments and send email invoice.


Expand your business globally with pricing displayed in your customer's local currency.

Caching & CDN

Your shop page and products load very faster by caching and Cloudflare CDN.

Indexation on Search Engine

All your products on Milbyz are also indexed on all other search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ecosia.

EU Compliance

Display all company information according to EU recommendation.

Accept Credit Card

Allow your customers to pay you easily with credit card : VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover.

Accept Paypal

Customers can pay their orders by connecting with their paypal account.​

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Easy shopping for your customers with Apple Pay and Google Pay payments.

Accept Cryptocurrencies

Accept crypto payments from your customers and get paid with Bank Transfer, Paypal or your Email Milbyz Credit Wallet.

Sell NFT

Sell digital assets in just few clicks by add all the NFT and blockchain informations.


Customers can top up their credit wallet in advance : It's the fast way to pay at anytime.

Cashback in Points

All purchases of your customers on give them cashback in Points.

Reward Points

Your customers get rewarded points for sharing, promote and their daily actions.

Report Abuse

Users can report fraudulent products and shops to maintain a trustworthy and honest marketplace.

GDPR & Cookies Compliance

We allow users to accept, refuse and revoke their consent to the use of cookies while browsing your shop, in accordance with GDPR regulations.

HTTPS Protocol & SSL Certificat

In HTTPS, the communication protocol is encrypted by Secure Sockets Layer to establish an encrypted link between our webapp and your browser.

Website Security Grade A+

Powerful Security on Strict-Transport-Security | Content-Security-Policy | X-Content-Type-Options Referrer-Policy | Permissions-Policy | X-Frame-Options

👑 Expert Features

Sell Bookings

Let buyers book courses or items, accommodations ,services and video-consulting or appointments.

Sell Grouped Products

Create promotional packs of several products and offer them to your buyers.

Sell Variable Products

Add different colors, sizes, or any other customized variations to your item.

Sell Variable Subscriptions

Offer variable subscriptions allow to customize subscriptions to meet your customer’s needs.

✅ Pricing & Features 💪


€ 0 free forever


€ 9 per month

For all types of projects 🏢

Use our powerful platform to go from ideas to a polished selling page in no time, takes just about 5 mins to build a shop! Design, edit and do much more to improve your online promote quality.
Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

Sell any services, products and activities to your clients. Receive and manage payments and invoices on

Restaurants & Bars

Take orders for menus, dishes and soft drinks from your client on and offline. Increase your reach and sales channels.

Stays & Accomodations

Sell, Rent or Book any stays and accommodations in any type of establishments.

Rentals & Materials

Rent cars, mobile homes, boats, equipment... with custom rules.

Courses & Trainings

Offer your services as trainer, part time or full time teacher or any kind of consulting.

Events & Attractions

Sell tickets for outings, hiking trips, museums, special arts events, concerts or even.

Small & Big Companies

Build and develop your brand on Milbyz whichever your size. It's time to boost you business.​


Musician, Consultant, YouTuber/Vlogger, Influencer, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager.

🥇 Milbyz Marketplace Features

🥇 Milbyz Features VS Others Marketplace

Products | Services | Bookings | Meals | Click & Collect | Shipping | Subscription | Digital Contents | NFTs | Auctions | Lotteries | Group Buy Deals | Followers | Reviews | Location | SEO Tools | QR Codes | Coupons | Wallets | Cryptocurrencies | And much more.



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Digital Contents




Group Buy Deals



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FAQs 📚

Most Frequent Questions and Answers

Click here to Register. Sell on is accessible to companies, associations, freelancers and individuals.

Yes join Milbyz and customize your shop is totally free forever !

You can also create 50 products with our free subscription for lifetime.

Yes, you can change your plan at any time from your account > Manage Plan.

Create easily your products, add pictures, descriptions, categories, prices, discounts and all informations.

For more tips and informations go to our page Help & Support 

Milbyz allows to receive your money on your Bank Account, on PayPal Account or your Email Milbyz Credit Wallet

A small percentage processing fees are collected by our partners (Stripe, Paypal) to proceed and validate transactions.

You’re having a Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Leboncoin,, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Ecwid, Etsy, Amazon, Rakuten, eBay, Cdiscount or any other solution ?

It’s perfect : Save all informations and add easily your title, pictures, descriptions, prices, SEO and much more.

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The best solution to sell online 🦄


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