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First step, did you create your NFTs ?


How to mint your own NFTs

What is an NFTs ?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. Anyone can create digital content (documents, images, gif, videos, music…) into the blockchain and make a unique and tokenized version of it. It is used by content creators to digitally and safely “sign” their work and seal its ownership and validity within the blockchain. Tokenization of digital files also allows files sharing with ownership rights transfer with zero risk of copy or copyrights infringement.

More infos about NFTs on Wikipedia

Files that can be tokenized as NFTs and listed on


(png, gif, jpeg…)

Music & Audio

(mp3, mpeg4…)


(mp4, mov, avi…)


(docs, pdf, ppt…)


(Legal docs, Leasing…)

Certificates of Authenticity


Games Items & Perks

Any other Digital File

Mint Your NFTs

Milbyz NFT Minter is an Multi-Chain NFT creation tool 👌

Create your own digital assets in just few clicks.

Connect a web3 wallet MetaMask or WalletConnect.

Sell NFTs Legaly on

To sell NFTs on Milbyz, you first need to be a verified : individual, self employed, company, association. (KYC)

Please check your country’s legislation regarding the sale of NFTs. More Infos.

Once verified, decide how you want to sell your NFTs: As a normal Product, an Auction, a Lottery or Group Buy Deals. Edit it and add in the description :

  • Your wallet address (public). It is the wallet address you used to create the NFTs. It is like your personal signature on the NFT. That is why it is important for you not to lose access to your wallet.
  • The public address of the NFT you are selling. (Can be found by checking NFTs details). This will allow buyers to verify that the NFTs exists.
  • The Blockchain used to mint the NFT. If you used you use this tutorial to mint it, then write “Minted on: Polygon MATIC”

Then share the product’s link or QR with your fans, community, or clients. You can also generate an affiliation link for it to get more benefits (Learn more about Milbyz Affiliation Program).

Important: You are responsible for sending the NFTs to the buyer at max 24h after purchase. Milbyz will track the blockchain to make sure you have delivered the NFTs before releasing the final payment to you.

Why is it legal to sell NFTs on is a Primary Market that allow company, association, self employed, individual to mint and sell any NFTs on a legal basis.

It is a legal sale since the platform ensure that:

  • – Buyer can pay with Bank Card and cryptocurrencies, but the seller always receives fiat money (his local currency).
  • – A bill is provided to both buyer and seller for the transaction.

Secondary Markets allow buying and selling NFTs during anonymous transactions paid in cryptocurrencies exclusively. Funds’ origin is always unknown which means there are risks regarding money laundering and terrorism financing. it makes them particularly risky for artists and legal businesses whom want to sell legally. 

With, sellers are fully verified (KYC) as they must expose their mint address (signature) on their profile. Exposing vendors signature on their shop, allows anyone to verify that the Vendor address is legit and the minted NFT is an original.

Why is it safe to sell NFTs on

Selling cryptocurrencies on is currently forbidden More Infos.

There are 2 different types of fraud found on secondary markets:

Identity Theft : Seller pretends to own a wallet he/she doesn’t control.

NFT Copy : Seller copy another NFT’s image and use it to mint fake NFTs (not from the original signature)

The following scenarios illustrate fraudulent behaviors and how that would be dealt on Milbyz. This applies to NFTs or any other item sold on

  • Step 1 : Buyer received the wrong NFT from Seller: Find litigation directly with Seller: Send back wrong NFT to Seller for him/her to send you good one. If unresolved, see steps 2 and 2.1.
  • Step 2 : Buyer didn’t receive the NFT from Seller after 7 days: Open an appeal and money is put on hold. Seller has 48h to justify the transfer of the sold NFT from his displayed wallet to buyers’ wallet. If Seller can’t justify the transaction, his account is temporarily frozen, buyer are refunded and after investigation seller account is banned.
  •  Step 2.1 : Buyer received a NFT minted with a different signature than displayed on seller’s profile/NFT description: Buyer open appeal and report Seller. Seller account is banned, and buyer refunded. Shop is closed and the seller expose themselves to legal action.

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