360° Shop Views
& Virtual Tours

Milbyz.com create tailor-made your Google Street View 🦄

Milbyz 360° technology uses “FlowState” stabilization and 5.7K or 8K 360° capture to enjoy better visibility on every Google Street View.

Compatible with all devices, your 360° photos or virtual tours are added to Google Search, Google Maps, Google My Business and Milbyz Shop.

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For even more interactivity with your visitors and highlight certain spaces, we create a personalized tour for your business shop.

Highlight your business 👑

Google Maps listings with photos and virtual tours generate more interest, increase chances of in store visits and build greater trust with consumers.

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Our Services Includes

– Views 360° HDR and Modelization of your Virtual Tour

– Integration on your Google Street View

– The link of virtual tour to integrate on your Website

– The sharing links for Social Networks

Starter 🚀

incl. VAT
  • per 360° View HDR ≈ 20m²
  • Up to 30 x 360° Views ≈ 600 m²
  • Project online within 3 to 5 days

Ultimate ⚡

  • On Quotation
  • More than 30 x 360° Views HDR
  • Greater than 600 m²
  • Project online within 5 to 10 days

Lifetime Offer, Without Subscription.

Additional travel costs over 100 km of Lyon (69) are not included
For Network rates: ask us a quote for your establishments.

How do we proceed ?

Simple and fast in 3 steps 📜

1 - Contact us to confirm your needs as well as the specificity of your project to produce your 360° virtual tour.

2 - We make an appointment and a Milbyz expert will come on site take all your 360° views for your project.

3 - A few days later, after an assembly and modelization, the virtual tour is online on Google Street View.

👋 Contact Us

We offer you a turnkey solution for your business 🎉


Improve Your Visibility

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👁️ Milbyz Total Views on Google Maps

😍 Visit Places In a Few Clicks

Milbyz 360° virtual tours are now easiest way to discover places and find professionals !


🎨 Start to build immersive visits at 360°

Recent arrival of smartphones and tablets connected to internet has completely changed the way how customers find products and shops. Not so long ago, the first reflex was to search in the yellow pages, but it was before.

Today with a virtual visit everybody can explore your business from their computer and smartphone.
Milbyz 360 is a great solution for people who prefer to visit before coming or looking for specific places, ambiances, experiences and specific concepts.


📈 The best way to become digital

Start exploring the best local stores in your area today with our virtual tours. It’s the perfect way to discover new places and find unique treasures, all from the comfort of your own home. Book your visit now and start your adventure!

Our virtual tours provide an interactive and engaging experience that lets you see the stores in your city and get a feel for what they have to offer. With our 360 degree panoramic views and visual qualities, you will feel like you are inside our stores, browsing the products and experiencing the ambiance.

🍽️ Restaurants & Bars

In the age of e-tourism, it is very easy for an Internet user to compare restaurants with each other. It is then necessary to distinguish itself from the competition to attract its customers.
The 360° virtual tour is a modern and very effective way to convince a future customer that your restaurant will meet their expectations.

A virtual tour of your restaurant allows you to place your future customer in the middle of the room, as if he were really there, ready to sit at his table. This 360° panoramic visit gives them the opportunity to explore your entire restaurant, in detail and at their own pace.

🏪 Stores & Local Commerces

Offering a 360° virtual tour of your store allows your future customers to remotely appreciate its layout as well as the choice of products offered for sale.
Depending on the geographical location of your store, it is sometimes difficult to catch the eye from the outside. Some hesitate to push the front door. However, once inside, customers are delighted…

By offering a virtual tour on Milbyz, you offer your customers the opportunity to discover your store differently.

💅 Beauty & Wellness Salon

A virtual tour of your beauty and well-being institute allows your future clients to discover the place and services you provide.

Start to promote your institute and make your beauty salon become famous!

With 360-degree views, your customers virtually visit to discover the quality and confort or your relaxing place and project themselves in their well-being moment.

🏨 Hotels & Accommodations

In the age of e-tourism, it is very easy for an Internet user to compare establishments with each other. The 360° virtual tour is a modern and very effective way to convince a future guest that your hotel will meet their expectations.

Our full-screen 360° panoramas give your website visitors an exceptional view of your hotel.

Unlike traditional photographs where the user experience is passive, a virtual tour of your hotel allows you to place your future guest in the middle of any room, as if they were actually there. This 360° panoramic tour gives them the opportunity to explore your entire hotel, in detail and at their own pace.

🏢 Real Estate & Companies

You are renting an apartment, a gite or even a bed and breakfast? A virtual tour of your property rental is the best way to showcase it on the internet.

The interactivity of a 360° tour is much more effective than 2D photographs which will never capture the atmosphere of the place as well.

360° views allow visitors to realize volumes and environment thanks to an incomparable angle of view.

🏡 Houses & Apartments

Offering a 360° virtual tour of your home not only allows you to attract more potential buyers but also saves time in closing your sale.
The virtual real estate tour is an innovative concept for real estate agencies and individuals who want to quickly sell their house online.

It is obvious that a potential buyer will prefer an ad that offers virtual tours than another offering only classic photos that do not capture the atmosphere of the place. Indeed, the virtual visit of a house saves time for the seller and the buyer.

🏘️ Rentals & Properties to Rent

Offering a 360° virtual tour of a property on a website allows you not only to attract more potential buyers but also to save time in closing a sale. The real estate virtual tour is today one of the best innovative concepts for real estate agencies and individuals who want to quickly sell a house on the Internet.

With more details and rotations than a simple photo while offering more freedom than a video : Virtual Tour is the best way to give a clear and detailed overview of a property. Offering a 360° virtual tour of your apartment on Internet increase chances to rent and sell it quickly.

🏫 Schools & Training Centers

You represent a college, high school, college, training organization? Offer to your future students a visit your establishment remotely.

Give the opportunity to discover your infrastructures and available equipment during course.

You manage a campus, a university restaurant, lecture halls, computer rooms equipped with suitable and efficient equipment?

The Milbyz Virtual Tour allows to showcase your assets. You thus gain the confidence of people who are looking for the best for their studies and who wish to enroll in an establishment in which they will spend several months or even several years.

🏛️ Monuments & Institutional

A virtual tour of Institutional Monuments offers a transformative experience that transcends geographical limitations and time constraints.

By embracing our technology, you can unlock the immense potential of bringing the grandeur and historical significance of these monuments to a global audience.

360° views bring cultural heritage to a global audience, facilitate education and preservation efforts, provides convenience and flexibility, and serves as a powerful marketing tool.

Museums, Theaters, Exhibitions : Interactivity of a virtual visit will allow visitors to browse your exhibition and performance venues on your Website and Google Maps.

🏟️ Malls & Airports

Shopping malls and airports virtual tours offer hands-on and immersive way to explore these spaces.

By embracing our technology, you can improve visitors experience, increase accessibility, engagement and streamline your operations.

🚉 Stations & Transportation

Virtual tours of stations and transit systems offer a wide range of benefits. They provide accessibility, improve safety and comfort, improve plannification and decision-making, promote tourism and economic growth.

By embracing virtual tours, we can open up new possibilities for sharing, learning and exploring in the world of stations and transport.

🏭 Industry & Manufacturing

Virtual tours are valuable tools for the industrials and manufacturing sectors. They enable companies to showcase their capabilities, build trust, improve training programs, contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and improve operational efficiency.

Create a virtual tours of your industry is forward-thinking, brings many benefits, lead to growth, better visibility of your business and competitive advantages in today’s digital world.

Use the Power of Google Street View !

For whom ?

Virtual tours target all sectors of activities

Showrooms, Hotels, Nightclubs, Beauty Salons, Florists, Opticians, Jewelers, Bookstores, Hairdressers, Barbers, Groceries, Bakers, Fishmongers, Restaurants, Butchers, Cottages, Beds and Breakfasts, Town Halls, Museums, Historic Places, Monuments, Offices, Reception Desk, Events, Rentals, Real Estates and many more…


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